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Novell Looking at New Jury in Lawsuit against Microsoft

Novell, which had filed a massive $1 billion lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. earlier, is likely to retry the case under a new jury, according to new reports.

The decision to reopen the case has come after the federal jury, which was earlier hearing the lawsuit had failed to come to any conclusive verdict. Novell Inc. dragged the Redmond based software giant into the controversy some 8 years back.

According to the lawsuit, Microsoft had deceived Novell into making the then quite popular WordPerfect Writing application for the Windows 95 platform, but pulled the plug off later on in order to give a boost to its own product. Novell further alleges that it was eventually compelled to sell WordPerfect for a loss of near about $1.2 billion.

"Although it's a technically complicated case, we're hoping to convince another jury that our claims have merit," Jim Lundberg, Novell's corporate counsel stated, according to a CBS News report.

Steven Aeschbacher, the Windows maker's associate general counsel on the other hand said, "We remain confident that Novell's claims don't have any merit and look forward to the next steps in the process".