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Ofcom Summons RIM, Wants it To Attend Pornography Meet

UK telecom regulator has summoned RIM executives to be part of a summit which would focus on mobile pornography.

According to The Telegraph, Ofcom has learned that Blackberry smartphones are being used by children to access pornography. The report comes after a raging debate in the parliament over the use of BlackBerry's BBM service during the London riots. BBM's data is largely out of government control as its data is encrypted.

RIM will join mobile phone service providers to help Ofcom tackle the problem it faces. Ofcom said that it is easier for mobile operators to install filters on smartphones like iPhone but, have been unsuccessful in doing so on BlackBerry smartphones.

"It was brought to our attention that there was a problem. It is to do with the way in which the BlackBerry operating system works. We are very concerned and want to get this resolved as quickly as possible", an Ofcom spokesperson said in a statement.

RIM handles data on BlackBerry using its own servers instead of the ones used by mobile phone operators, making it difficult for them to apply filters. Research in Motion had offered its own filtering tool to operators but only T-Mobile has managed to deploy the solution.