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RIAA Officials Downloading Copyrighted Content through Torrents?

Ever since a new website was launched, which is capable of monitoring approximately one-fifth of all Bit Torrent downloaders from across the world, it has been found that even the supposedly pro Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) officials have been illegally downloading copyrighted content through Bit Torrent clients.

It was found earlier last week that numerous employees from all the major record labels including the likes of Sony Music, Fox, Universal etc. have been downloading copyrighted material online by illegal means. Ironically, all these record labels are often heard arguing in favour of imposing a strong online anti-piracy act in order to safeguard their intellectual property rights.

The Website dubbed YouHaveDownloaded is the brainchild of its Russia based founders who claim to have collected the enormous amount of BitTorrent usage related data from publicly available trackers.

"Baby, this is the Internet. There is no such thing as privacy around here. You are sitting in the privacy of your own house, clicking links, reading stuff, watching movies," a description on the site read.

"It may seem like you are pretty much alone, but smart nerds are watching you. They watch your every move. You are not human to them. You are a target - a consumer," it added.