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T-Mobile Giving Away Free Phones With £30 Topup

UK mobile phone operator T-Mobile is giving away entry level feature mobile phones when you top up £30; the two phones on offer are the Samsung E1150i and the T-Mobile Zest E110.

The Zest is a particularly good deal given that it comes with a VGA camera and can take microSD cards up to 2GB. There's also an MP3 player, games, FM Radio, a whopping 21 days standby time and up to 6 hours battery life.

The phone could come in handy for anyone looking to get a glove box handset to be used in case of emergency, or to serve as a replacement phone while waiting for a new one.

You can choose between getting free texts, 100 free anytime minutes talk plan, or an extra 60 minutes international calls.

The phone is manufactured by Chinese company ZTE and is on sale on its own (without topup) for £7.50 at prepaymania.

Those looking for other alternatives might consider the Samsung E2121B which comes with up to 10 hours battery life, a camera and video recorder, and costs £14.95 with a £10 top up from Carphone Warehouse.

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