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TeamHaven to Track Activision Blizzard Sales, Promotions

To help track future sales and the performance of its Call of Duty franchise, Activision Blizzard has taken on data collection and reporting company TeamHaven.

The publishing giant has done incredibly well with its recently released Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, making over a billion dollars in a very short time. To make sure that this launch went well, with no shortages of stock across Europe, the company used TeamHaven. This is a firm that focuses on "data collection, field management and reporting solution designed for brands and agencies working in the retail channel."

This was announced on the TeamHaven news page, with CEO Steve Grimes letting it be known that thanks to how well the Modern Warfare 3 launch went, the company had now been given the go ahead by Activision Blizzard to track all "key titles across Europe."

"Ensuring that products are in stock and that the right promotional activity is executed in the right store is vital to Activision, especially during the first 30 days of a product launch. TeamHaven is able to highlight the key issues to Activision so they can work with their retailers to correct any in store issues" added Mr Grimes.

TeamHaven will now be providing Activision Blizzard with detailed statistics of stock across Europe, as well as how the chosen "key products" are selling. This also makes it easier to test the effectiveness of certain promotional efforts and whether they'd be worth using again in the future.

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