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Three is the first UK network to announce the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone 7 mobile phone

Mobile phone network Three has unveiled that it will be carrying the lower costing Nokia Windows Phone 7 run Lumia 710 phone, whilst being the very first UK network to make public that it will be carrying that handset.

Three announced their intentions for the second ever Nokia device to run the Windows Phone 7 OS - from the ‘Coming Soon' page on the Three website, which holds all the information of the upcoming mobile phones appearing on the network.

Nokia's Lumia 710 was launched at the company's annual symposium in London at the end of the October, as the mid-range handset to complement their flagship Lumia 800.

The latter of which was the first phone to arrive from Nokia running the Windows Phone 7 platform, after the Finnish company dropped Symbian as the key OS on their top-tier devices.

The Lumia 710 will ship with the same 3.7-inch display size as the 800 only with a lesser costing TFT screen, whereas the other Lumia ships with a AMOLED display - although both phones are powered by a single core 1.4GHz processor, with the 710 containing 8GB of internal storage.

No prices or arrival dates have been released by Three UK for the Nokia 710, but it is currently carrying the Lumia 800 on contracts from £30 a month and this should be undercut on the Lumia 710.

Three UK - Nokia Lumia 710