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US Army Investigator Searches Leaker's Computers

A US Army investigator has found evidence linking Bradley Manning to the US diplomatic cable leak in two of his computers.

According to an article on the Boston Globe, investigator David Shaver discovered more than 10,000 diplomatic cables and other classified government data. He also discovered a lot of Internet searches related to Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Bradly Manning, an intelligence analyst with the US Army in Baghdad, was accused by the US government of handing over sensitive army and government data along with secret US diplomatic cables to Julian Assange, who later systematically posted them on the Wikileaks website, embarrassing the US government in the process.

Shaver, who testified in front of a military court, will be questioned by Manning's lawyers at the next court martial hearing.

The investigator said he had also discovered that Manning's system contained several versions of 2007 helicopter attack video and secret data on prisoners housed in Guantanamo Bay. He also discovered more than 100 searches with keywords like 'Wikileaks' and 'Julian Assange.'

"A lot of the searches seemed out of place," said Shaver during his testimony.