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YouGov Reports Decrease in Demand for Smart TVs in the UK

A new report about consumer demand for smart TVs in the UK have been far below the desired level, but may increase starting next year.

The report was published by research outfit YouGov as part of its consumer technology predictions for the coming year. According to YouGov's findings, connected TV sets that offer access to services including YouTube and BBC iPlayer are not in demand as much for now.

The research agency has also predicted a gloomy scenario for the UK smart TV market, which is likely to go through some positive changes in 2012, however, with the arrival of Apple's own smart TV, along with Google TV, Netflix as well as YouView.

The report also emphasised opportunities for other consumer electronic goods such as tablets, smartphones as well as for digital services including social networks.

"Smart content producers must continue to develop their services to make it increasingly easier for people to watch what they want, when they want, wherever they want," said YouGov's media consulting director Dan Brilot, according to a Digital Spy report. With many new products on the market, demand should pick up.