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£99.98 Philips 227 E Line 21.5" LED Full HD Widescreen Monitor

Philips brings to you the 227 E Line 21.5" Full HD LED Monitor capable of delivering amazing graphics and video output for fast moving applications i.e. games, action movies making sure that you enjoy instantaneous action without any blur or lag.

The 21.5" screen is an ideal size for a display that would be used in day to day computer work and the 227 E Line monitor, being a multimedia monitor, through its LED and Full HD capabilities makes sure that crystal clear picture is presented and that your eyes are not stressed out like in other LCDs.

Different inputs like the HDMI, DVI and VGA lets you connect not only a desktop system to the monitor, but also latest gadgets like Blu-ray player and gaming consoles. The monitor may serve as an extension to your existing desktop or laptop screen as well.

Ideal for both businesses as well as home users, the in-built speakers lets you get enough audio output that would suffice for day to day multimedia needs. Philips is also including a 2 years onsite warranty with the monitor making it an ideal choice for those looking for a bargain.

The Philips 227 E Line 21.5" LED Full HD Widescreen Monitor is available from eBay for £99.98.