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AMD Offering APU Gaming Deals During Christmas Period

AMD has announced that some of its accelerated processing units (APU) are now on sale at certain outfits, offered at reduced pricing and in most cases with a gaming bundle to go with them.

The three main APUs available at a discount are the AMD A4 3300 APU, AMD A4 3400 APU, AMD Athlon 631 FM1, each one coming with a free copy of either Dirt 3, Deus EX or Shogun 2.

AMD's announcement pointed out that the A4-3400 APU bundled with a ASRock FM1 A55M-HVS M-ATX motherboard can now be had for as little as £78 at certain retailers. This processor packs a HD 6410 on the chip giving it DirectX11 compatibility and features a low thermal design power (TDP) of 65w. It's processor clock speed is 2.7GHZ while the graphics processing unit (GPU) clocks in at at 600MHZ.

These deals are currently available from VIP Computers, though as it stands they haven't been advertised on the company's website. For now the only way to get in on the offer is to have received the original mail out from the firm, or to contact it directly over the phone.

Since it's easy to be lazy at times like this, here's the phone number for you: +44 (0)871 622 750 - aren't I kind.

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