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AMNews: BT Sues Google, Android Ice Cream Sandwich V 4.0.3, Sprint Stops Using Carrier IQ, Google Doodle Website

Google and its mobile operating system platform, Android, have been once again dragged into another legal dispute, this time by British Telecom which claims that virtually all Android devices are infringing on a number of patents currently under its possession.

Google has launched a brand new version of its Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system platform-version 4.0.3. With this announcement, the Android maker also confirmed the update will available in a few days to select few smartphone and tablet devices.

Just a couple of weeks after the Carrier IQ data collection software controversy rocked the tech world in the US, Sprint has officially confirmed it will no longer use Carrier IQ software. This move comes only two weeks after it was discovered that another company, had embedded data collection software into millions of smartphones without user knowledge or permission.

Google has revamped its Doodle website to allow users to view some of their favourite Doodles starting from the very first one posted in 1998. Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page created the first Google Doodle to mark the Burning Man festival and to tell everyone that they have taken time off to go there.

Having enjoyed immense success in the personal computer, smartphone and tablet markets, seems like Apple is now moving on to the television industry. According to recent reports, for the last few weeks the company has been engaging in prolonged discussions with media executives from multiple media organisations regarding the company's vision about the future of television.