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Battlefield 3 'Easter Egg' Hints at Battlefield 2143 as DICE's Next Project

Hints regarding a sequel to hit futuristic first-person shoot Battlefield 2142 have appeared, courtesy a hidden message in developer DICE's latest game, Battlefield 3.

Spotted by the Battlefield 3 blog, the number '2143' appears on shipping crates found in DICE's Battlefield 3 title - suggesting that the company's next project will be a sequel to Battlefield 2142.

The original game itself was teased in a similar way back in 2006, when hidden messages in Battlefield 2: Euro Forces suggested that '2142' would be an important number - and significantly before the company officially announced the project.

The existence of '2143' within the latest Battlefield game, then, appears to be a deliberate act - suggesting that, as it did with Battlefield 2142, the company is offering die-hard fans a hint as to its current project.

With Battlefield 3 selling well, a sequel to Battlefield 2142 would likely be a winning project - although the company is currently remaining silent on the possibility via its official channels. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.