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Battlefield 3 'Easter Egg' Hints at Battlefield 2143 as DICE's Next Project

Hints regarding a sequel to hit futuristic first-person shoot Battlefield 2142 have appeared, courtesy a hidden message in developer DICE's latest game, Battlefield 3.

Spotted by the Battlefield 3 blog, the number '2143' appears on shipping crates found in DICE's Battlefield 3 title - suggesting that the company's next project will be a sequel to Battlefield 2142.

The original game itself was teased in a similar way back in 2006, when hidden messages in Battlefield 2: Euro Forces suggested that '2142' would be an important number - and significantly before the company officially announced the project.

The existence of '2143' within the latest Battlefield game, then, appears to be a deliberate act - suggesting that, as it did with Battlefield 2142, the company is offering die-hard fans a hint as to its current project.

With Battlefield 3 selling well, a sequel to Battlefield 2142 would likely be a winning project - although the company is currently remaining silent on the possibility via its official channels.