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BlackBerry App World 3.1 Launched

Research in Motion has dished out the new BlackBerry App World 3.1 app store, which will be available as an upgrade to BlackBerry users around the globe.

In a blog post, the struggling smartphone company went on to highlight some of the new features in its application store.

The BlackBerry App World 3.1 platform now comes with a new ‘Request A Gift' feature, which will allow users to send gift requests to their BlackBerry Messenger contacts, for an app. Users will be able to pay for the gift by their PayPal accounts, credit card or charge it to their month-end phone bill.

The app store now also comes with a content rating system which allows users to filter the apps they want to browse on the store based on maturity level. The feature, which is optional for storefront operators, also allows users to get a tentative idea about the kind of content of the app before purchasing them.

RIM also announced that now users will be able to browse, purchase and download app from the BlackBerry App World 3.1 on a Wi-Fi network as well.

"There are areas where you won't get a cellular signal or you may be in places where you're not allowed to turn on your cellular antenna, but you may be able to hop on a Wi-Fi network. And where there's Wi-Fi, you can now stay connected to BlackBerry App World and grab new apps and updates any time," the company said.