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Google Employees in London and Zurich Receive Customised Galaxy Nexus

Google is giving employees based in Zurich and London offices a special edition of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this festive as a complement to all their hard work, as reported by

And if getting a brand new Galaxy Nexus as a gift from their employer was not enough, the gifted item is a customised special edition as it boasts of a unique design in the battery cover.

The design features a unique pattern comprising of various Android icons. Hardware configuration of the device remains the same as the original one, though.

Last year, according to various reports, all 20,000 Google employees across the globe were gifted an individual bonus of $1000. In addition, employees were also awarded a 10 percent hike in their salary on the first day of the new year. Whether employees will receive a similar gift this year remains unknown.

Compared to that, the Galaxy Nexus might look a bit smaller in terms of value. But then, be presented with one of the most sophisticated offerings in the entire Android family during the Christmas season is not a bad deal either as the Galaxy Nexus is very popular right now.