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Google Tweaks Google+, Adds New Features

Google is introducing a handful of new features and tweaks in its social networking site, Google+, this week, the company announced.

The updates, according to the company, have been primarily aimed at the way the site's notifications, news feeds, business pages as well as photo views function.

Most of the updates are, however, only minor tweaks introduced for the purpose of renovating the site as per users' feedback. In addition, it could be another important step taken by the company to keep itself in shape amidst a number of new offerings made by the rivals, Twitter and Facebook, on their respective sites.

One of the most important features that will accompany the new set of updates is a "volume" control option for users' news streams.

"That way you'll never miss a post from that special someone, and you can tweak these settings to form your own 'perfect stream,'" Google+ Vice President Bradley Horowitz stated in an official Google blog.

Google+ had managed to grab around 40 million members till last month but, hasn't been able to pose itself as a strong rival to Facebook as yet.