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Hillingdon Council Adopts Google Apps

Google Apps for Business is likely to be embraced by the London borough of Hillingdon pretty soon - in fact it could be as soon early next year, announced the council.

The council stated that with this move, it is likely to be the first ever local authority in the country to be embracing Google Apps for Business. Needless to say, this could also be termed as a significant leap when it comes to the local authorities shifting to cloud computing.

As a part of the move, the council has also given the final nod to the proposal of shifting its 3,500 strong staff to start using crucial Web based applications such as calendar, email, word processing, documents, instant messaging as well as video conferencing.

It further assured that the council will take every possible measure to enhance internal collaboration as well as productivity. The decision to adopt the cloud could eventually save London borough of Hillingdon near about £3 million during the next 4 years.

"Going with Google makes the most sense for Hillingdon economically and it will enable us to realise the tremendous opportunities afforded by cloud computing," councillor Jonathan Bianco stated, reports The Guardian.