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IBM Releases Latest 'Five in Five' Technology Prediction Video

Computing giant IBM has released its latest 'Five in Five' video, an annual tradition that sees the company's biggest and brightest predicting five major trends for the future in just five minutes.

This year, there's some headline-grabbing technologies on offer: IBM highlights its bioinformatics research as having the potential to create a mind-machine interface that will allow future smartphones to take a step beyond Siri and respond directly to the thoughts of its users, making calls and searching the internet with no vocalisation required.

IBM is also predicting that, in the future, 'wasted' energy created by movement will be used to power portable computing devices - something that is already a reality in kinect-harvesting wristwatches and that is becoming an increasingly popular method of powering up emergency battery packs.

IBM also suggests that the 'digital divide' will cease to exist, and that junk mail will become a valued part of everyday life - something many marketers will be watching with interest.

The company also suggests that biometric scanners that combine facial, retinal and voice recognition technologies will increase in security and provide the mechanisms for protecting almost everything in the near future.

The full video can be viewed below. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.