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iOS 5 Glitch lets Stolen iPhones Send and Receive your iMessages

If you've ever had your smartphone stolen or even just lost it, one of the first things you're likely to do nowadays is have the phone remotely wiped and decativated; this modern feature at least protects the owner against identity theft and loss of sensitive data.

However, there are reports that, thanks to a bug, your old iPhone might still be able to send and receive iMessages in your name, despite you having remotely wiped and deactivated the handset with your carrier, and changed your Apple ID password.

A number of people who lost their phones have mentioned on forums that, having wiped their devices and transferred the numbers (with the iPhone now supposedly a clean slate), the stolen phone keeps on sending iMesseges from the original pre-wiped Apple ID.

A man who sent iMessages to his wife's new phone, after her first handset was stolen, found that the messages were simultaneously going to the new 'owner' of the stolen handset, ArsTechnica reports.

This is not only a potential security risk for the former handset owner, but also a great annoyance to anyone who buys a stolen iPhone.

One user managed to solve the problem by registering his new iPhone to a new Apple ID and cancelling his old ID. However, this has the downside that any past purchases of music or other media on iTunes will no longer be available.

Apple hasn't officially made any statement regarding the problem yet, but perhaps they will deliver a fix when the upcoming iOS 5.1. comes out.

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