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iPhone, iPad Browser Tops Android 4.0 in HTML 5 Tests

With both Apple and Google recently releasing highly-anticipated operating systems, many are wondering which one delivers the best performance - Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, or Apple iOS 5? HTML 5 framework provider Sencha has gone some way to answering this, having conducted thorough browser tests for each OS.

“After putting the Galaxy Nexus through our test wringer, we can say that Ice Cream Sandwich is a major step for the Android browser," senior director of product management at Sencha, Aditya Bansod, wrote in a blog post; "however, it still falls short of iOS 5,” he added.

The provider of HTML5 frameworks and developer tools feels there are features missing from Ice Cream Sandwich, such as: Web Workers, Web Sockets (so no real-time web yet), poor support for the new Input Types (like datetime or range), and WebGL.

Sencha used a variety of tests (Modernizer, Acid3, SunSpider, Sencha Animator demos and Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink) to assess areas like rendering performance, HTML5/CSS3 feature support, rendering accuracy and JavaScript performance.

They applied the SunSpider test in order to push JavaScript performance to the limit. The device used for this particular test was the iPad 2 and not the iPhone 4S. This was done because of the CPU similarity to the one found in the Galaxy Nexus. The test was also applied to Kindle Fire and Playbook just to spice things up.

"Feature by feature, HTML5 support has gotten much better, rendering has become more accurate, and performance has gotten much faster," Bansod said in praise of Google's ICS.

"Although still behind the current HTML5 gold standard of iOS5, Android 4.0 is night and day compared to previous versions. We’re excited to see Google put this level of effort into Android’s web capabilities," Sencha concludes.

You can see the results and an explanation of their findings, here.

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