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iPhone 4S may Fail to Debut in China in 2011

Just when you thought Apple's new golden boy could do no wrong in the country, it looks like the iPhone 4S could miss its debut on the Chinese market before the end of this year, MENA Financial Network reports.

So how exactly has this happened? A top executive from China Unicom said that the phone will be available as soon as they receive the go-ahead from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). According to recent reports this license was granted for Apple's new smartphone last week. So what's taking so long?

We don't know yet, but according to sources close to Apple Inc. the product, including the China Unicom version, will not become available on the market until next month.

This week the technology giant is expected to officially launch the 4S in Vietnam, but for China, an exact date hasn't yet been set. This has caused a few issues with tech fans who feel "forced" to resort to more unorthodox methods of getting their hands on the device, such as smuggling.

The China Customs Office has anticipated the problem and issued a statement, saying that devices bought by people from other countries and territories on behalf of consumers were likely to be shipped back, unless a 3C was found when shipped to China by mail.

The 3C, as it is known, is the China Compulsory Certification which is issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

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