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Kindle Fire Generating Hundreds of Millions of Ad Impressions

Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is on track to generate hundreds of millions of monthly advert impressions according to mobile ad network Millenial Media.

Adding to the data already collected for ad impressions from other mobile platforms like Apple's iOS, Android and others, Amazon's new hardware is certainly aiding Google's advert turnover. Tech Crunch is reporting that the quick growth of the Kindle Fire's adverts even outstrips that of the iPad when it was launched in 2010.

Millenial has also noted that for the 12th month in a row, Google's Android has maintained its position as the top ad serving mobile platform. The lead is so much, that it holds 50 per cent of the entire mobile advertising market. Apple comes in second place taking 30 per cent, followed by RIM at 17 per cent. The other players like Symbian and Windows take just 1 per cent each.

While these might be some very positive results for Google, the 50 per cent stake has actually dropped down from a previous high of 56 per cent held back in October. The iPhone 4s certainly helped Apple crawl up the scale a little more, with RIM climbing four per cent itself.

Before the release of the Kindle Fire, Amazon announced a pair of options for its purchasers. Those that don't want adverts to show on the platform can purchase a Prime Membership, which removes all ads from the tablet. However, those that don't mind a bit of intrusion have the opportunity to pick up a Kindle Fire for a little cheaper.

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