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LAPD Not to Use Google Apps

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), alongside other law enforcement agencies in the city have confirmed that they won't be shifting to the search giant Google's cloud based email suit owing to security concerns.

Earlier it was reported that LA city council was all set to ink a deal with the Mountain View based technology heavyweight which would see Google providing the LAPD as well as other law enforcement agencies in the city with Google Apps as well as other email migration related assistance.

However, now the city council has decided the limit the contract citing security concerns. The new stand taken by the city council will mean that the LAPD, alongside Los Angeles Fire Department, certain sections of the city attorney's office, Department of Transportation as well as Department of General Services will be kept out of the agreement with Google.

The city officials have said that currently Google's system doesn't suffice the security requirements laid down by the council and that the requirements are not compatible with cloud computing.

"It will be difficult for law enforcement to move to a cloud solution until the [security requirements] and cloud are more in line with each other," Maggie Goodrich, the Los Angeles Police Department's chief information officer said in a statement to the LA Times.

"We're disappointed that the city introduced requirements for the LAPD after the contract was signed that are, in its own words, 'currently incompatible with cloud computing,'" Andrew Kovacs, a Google spokesperson said.