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LG Adds New Features to Magic Motion Remote Control

World's second largest TV maker LG Electronics announced this week that they are going to launch a Magic Motion Remote Control device sometimes during the first quarter of the coming year.

This forthcoming offering from the company, as LG stated, will be designed to function in sync with the company's another exciting future offering 3D Smart TVs.

LG brags that the Magic Motion will be equipped with traditional pointing, alongside a wide array of added features and functionalities including the likes of magic wheel, voice recognition, magic gestures and so on.

The first model of the Magic Motion Remote Control was unveiled by the company in 2011 during the CES event. The first edition of the device was more sort of a remote control device blessed with Nintendo Wii like abilities. It was basically designed to enable users to browse through channels by mere gestures, meaning there was no need to press any button.

Needless to say, those who witnessed the capabilities of the first Magic Motion were simply left amazed because of its extensive set of next-generation technologies. The new model of Magic Motion will be equipped with even superior technologies in comparison to its ancestor.

Find the press release here.