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Microsoft Azure To Rival Amazon EC2 Through Open Source Adoption

Redmond based software maker Microsoft Corp. is taking shelter in open source technology to go head on against Amazon's public cloud platform with its Azure.

As a part of the new plan, Microsoft is increasingly relying on open source technologies such as Hadoop, node.js and MongoDB to enhance the offerings in its Azure platform.

Experts keeping a close eye on the developments are of the view that this could be after all, the inevitable sign of Microsoft embracing a more open-source approach than ever in order to beef up its cloud services. Developer community across the globe is noticing the open source efforts made by Microsoft to enhance its Azure platform.

It is important to note here that Microsoft's traditional clients have been slower than expected in shifting to cloud. This may indicate that Microsoft might not be able to tap its existing user base for Cloud revenue and would need to move to unchartered territory (where it hasn't gone before), the open source arena.

"But for the moment, Microsoft risks losing out to Linux for next-generation applications/workloads unless it can make open-source technologies first-class citizens on Azure," notes the Register.