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Microsoft, Silver Lake, Others May Bid for Minority Stake in Yahoo!

A new alliance between Microsoft, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and private equity firm Silver Lake is focused on purchasing a minority stake in Internet giant Yahoo!.

The allaince, as reports are indicating, has been pondering over the idea of placing a suitable bid to acquire a 10-15 percent stake in the Internet firm.

Interestingly, this news emerged only after it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that the private equity firms, which were planning to acquire a minor stake in Yahoo!, presumably under 20 percent, are now eying an even smaller stake.

"As previously announced, the board is evaluating various alternatives as part of its comprehensive strategic review process, all of which are designed to enhance shareholder value and promote growth and innovation at Yahoo," stated a Yahoo spokesman, according to a report by the Reuters.

"The board's process is open to all alternatives and has not restricted the range of various options or proposals in any way," he added.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! has yet to find a suitable replacement for Carol Bartz, its ex-CEO who was fired earlier in September.