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Microsoft to Use HTML 5 in Windows 8 Tablet Instead of Flash

Microsoft is not planning to support Flash in the tablet version of its Windows 8 operating system.

It seems that Microsoft is going the Apple way and refraining from providing support for Adobe's Flash, opting instead to support HTML5.

The news comes just weeks after Adobe announced it would not develop future versions of Flash for mobile devices and would focus instead on HTML 5.

In a blog post, Dean Hachamovitch, the development head for Internet Explorer explained why Flash needed to be ousted from Windows 8.

He said the HTML 5 based plug-in free experience provided by the Windows 8 Metro user interface was far superior than plug-in based platforms. The developer said the web browsing experience was better on HTML 5 than on Flash.

"Running Metro style IE plug-in free improves battery life as well as security, reliability, and privacy for consumers. Plug-ins were important early on in the web's history. But the web has come a long way since then with HTML5," he said.

"Providing compatibility with legacy plug-in technologies would detract from, rather than improve, the consumer experience of browsing in the Metro style UI," Hachamovitch added.