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Nintendo 3DS Gets Letter Box Messenger Service

Nintendo's 3DS messenger service known as Letter Box, is set to land on the 22nd of December, bringing with it message sending and picture sharing.

The download is free for all 3DS owners and lets you connect with friends through other applications like StreetPass and Spotpass. Users can send messages to one another as well as 2D and 3D pictures. If North Americans are wondering on Thursday where their Letter Box download option is, look out for 'Swapnote,' as that's what it'll be known as in that part of the world.

Nintendo has been unveiling quite a bit of extra software for the little hand-held, recently releasing a selection of Gameboy Advance games. Other software coming up in the next few days includes Mighty Switch Force, Wayforward, Football Up, Tetris (original Game Boy version) and more.

The 3DS did quite poorly at launch due to a lack of developer support - especially in the form of first party titles - though it has picked up again recently thanks to the release of games featuring stalwart Nintendo heroes like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land. Of course the plumber saves the day, as usual.

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