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Nokia to Hold Press Event at Upcoming CES in Las Vegas

Nokia is sending out press invitations for a press event taking place during the CES, which is to be held at the convention center in Las Vegas.

Apparently, it seems the mobile manufacturer is planning to arrange a presentation on January 9 - just a day before the forthcoming edition of the CES is scheduled to start.

The event will most likely announce one or more of the company's forthcoming Windows Phone products. The press invitation design, which is a sort of replica of the Windows Metro user interface, only adds to that speculation.

"Join our press conference and get the latest news from Nokia, hear from some of the leading minds in the industry about the future of smart devices and applications and witness stunning demos of Nokia technology in action," the invitation reads, according to a Slash Gear report.

Nokia's performance in the global smartphone market has been steadily on the decline - all thanks to the rising popularity of the iPhone series and Android powered devices. So it remains to be seen now whether or not the company can start the new year on a positive note with the announcement of something big.