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Noon News: Saudi Billionaire Invests in Twitter, Google+ Updated, IBM 'Five in Five' Report

Twitter - the massively popular microblogging and social networking platform, now has a new multi-billionaire stakeholder. According to reports, the new investor in the company is a Saudi prince boasting a highly impressive investment record.

Google is introducing a handful of new features and tweaks in its social networking site, Google+, this week, the company announced. The updates, according to the company, have been primarily aimed at the way the site's notifications, news feeds, business pages as well as photo views function.

Cloud content sharing service YouSendIt has launched new apps for the iPad, Mac as well as Android handsets, alongside the already available iPhone app. So, what can you do with this app? Well, just about anything that's related to files: send them, share folders and pointer documents, save and share email attachments, photos or video files, and sign documents.

Microsoft's Bing platform managed to grab 15 percent of the US search engine market as Google and Yahoo saw their shares decline. According to new data released by comScore, in November, Bing increased its US search engine market share to 15 percent.

IBM has released a new report that predicts top five technologies that will change people's lives over the next five years. The Five in Five report, in its sixth year, studies prevailing social, economical and technological trends and predicts technologies which will redefine how people live their lives within the next five years.