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Online App Store Closed for iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 3.1.3 Users

Owners of the Apple iPhone operating on an older version of the iOS platform, along with their iPod Touch counterparts have been blocked from accessing and downloading software from the company's App Store.

The problem was first reported by a bunch of affected users on the Apple support forums. As of now, it has been virtually confirmed that all iPhone and iPod Touch devices powered by the iOS 3.1.3 or older versions are barred from downloading both free and paid apps from the App Store.

Not just that, owners of these devices are not allowed to view the official screenshots of the software featured in the store, and neither they can rate them or use the "tell a friend" option.

Apparently, the complaints started to surface after the recent December 16 update issued by the company. After the update was launched, the affected devices could only upgrade the already installed apps in the App Store, but could not download new ones, reports CNET.

Worse even, as of now, there are no words coming from the Cupertino headquartered tech giant regarding any solution to the issue, which leaves many in the dark as to what to do next.