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Oracle Releases the Oracle Tuxedo 11g Application

Last week, Oracle announced the release of Oracle Tuxedo 11g, an application aimed at COBOL, C/C++ and other dynamic languages.

Oracle claims the new release was developed primarily to run on the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2.

The company also states the new release will facilitate a dynamic scale out solution to fit for low latency, high volume and critical applications.

Apart from that, the new release brings along a number of other revamped features in Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch 11g and in Oracle Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench 11g.

All these enhanced features ensure that clients will be provided with faster migration procedures, easier availability, enhanced usability, improved control and monitoring abilities.

"To take advantage of the scalability, flexibility and management capabilities delivered by modern computing platforms, organisations are looking for solutions that can streamline mainframe migration and modernisation," said Frank Xiong, vice president, Development, Oracle in a statement, as reported by MarketWatch.

"Current and new customers can benefit from significant performance gains that reduce costs, increase agility and reduce risks of disruption to business-critical applications," he added.