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Qualcomm Announces Support for GLONASS, Promises Improved GPS Performance

Qualcomm has announced that its Snapdragon S2 and S3 processors will come equipped with compatibility with both Russian GLONASS and GPS satellites.

Qualcomm has termed this relatively new concept of GLONASS and GPS compatibility as ‘dual core' navigation. The ability to connect to both sets of satellites means users will be provided with a better and more accurate location service.

The total number of GPS satellites actually goes all the way to 27, out of which direct communication with four are needed for a device to tell its user about his/her exact location at any given point of time.

Access to mere 4 satellites out of 27 might not sound too tough to many, but the fact is that there are times when it becomes impossible for a device to connect to four satellites simultaneously owing to various reasons.

Qualcomm's technology kicks in here with the additional advantage of being able to connect to Russian GLONASS satellites. GLONASS currently comprises of 24 satellites.

"Today we're announcing wider support for GPS and GLONASS. Any device with a Snapdragon TM S2 or S3 processor is capable of accessing both satellite networks. Our upcoming Snapdragon S4 processor will also offer GPS and GLONASS connectivity," Qualcomm stated on its official blog.