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Quora Introduces New Feature: Boards

Popular Q&A website Quora has expanded its platform by introducing a new service called Boards, which lets users post content on any particular topic of interest.

Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo wrote in a blog post that as the website grew, the company noticed a new trend emerging, which saw people looking for some of the best answers on any given topic. However, it was not only answers that people were looking for, they wanted more content.

The new Boards feature present users a new way to share, organise and consume content on Quora. The company said that users will be able to create as many number of boards as they want on different topics of interest.

Boards will allow users to make new posts or repost questions, answers or topics and pretty much everything that is available on Quora. Users will also be able to post links to any website on the web related to their topic.

Users can choose to make their Boards public or private. Boards will be able to ‘follow' other similar boards and content posted on one board would appear on all of its 'follower' boards.

"As a contributor, boards give you a context so you can focus your posts for the specific people who are interested in them. As a reader, boards let you control what you see in your feed with more granularity", the CEO wrote.