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Samsung Delays bada 2.0 Launch for Wave Handsets Until 2012

Samsung has confirmed that its home-brew bada 2.0 operating system is now delayed until 2012, meaning a delay for those Wave owners who had been looking forward to its new features.

Samsung's own-brand mobile OS - the equivalent to Nokia's Symbian platform, or Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS - bada represents Samsung's alternative to Windows Phone or Android, providing relatively feature-rich platform for emerging markets and budget-friendly smartphones.

The second release of bada promises an improved user experience with revised user interface framework, true multi-tasking and background app-launching capabilities, and the ability for mobile networks to implement advertising gateways and operator billing as well as NFC technology for future handsets.

The update was supposedly due to drop in 2011, but Samsung's revised time scale has the software coming in 2012 as an update for the Wave I, Wave II, Wave 723, Wave 578 and Wave 575, SlashGear reports.

The news will be welcomed by bada fans across the globe, who had likely been watching the delay and Samsung's focus on Android for its flagship handsets with concern that the platform might be going the way of Nokia's Symbian. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.