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Samsung Keeps Promise, Launches YouTube 3D App for Smart TV

Korean electronics giant Samsung, on Monday, launched its new application, designed to facilitate its smart TV users 3D videos from Google's massively popular video sharing website YouTube.

Dubbed "YouTube on TV", the new service was first announced by the company over a couple of months back in September at this year's IFA event.

Samsung, during the announcement, assured the excited fanboys from across the world that the new offering would hit the market by the end of 2011. And needless to say, Samsung kept its promise by launching the product some 12 days ahead of the New Year.

It is important to note here that the idea of having 3D videos on the Web still needs to go through many hurdles before they can eventually be accessed by users from around the globe. Samsung's latest attempt makes it possible for its smart TV owners to make the best out some 8,000 odd high quality 3D videos floating around on YouTube.

YouTube's 3D video service is currently available in only the UK, Japan as well as in the North American region notes Ubergizmo. However, it is highly likely that the service will be soon rolled out to other countries and regions as well.