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VMware Cloud Foundry Extends Support for Microsoft .NET

Microsoft's proprietary product .NET is now being extended to the Cloud Foundry project by VMware with the vision of facilitating a standard, unified open source platform for the creation of "developer clouds", according to new and confirmed reports.

Washington based tech outfit Tier 3 announced on Monday that it is going to contribute code to the much anticipated project which will enable VMware's platform to offer its support to .NET applications.

As of now, the Cloud Foundry project is only confined within Sinatra, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JVM frameworks and Java.

Basically, the idea behind Cloud Foundry is to provide a bunch of new means to the developer community which they can use efficiently in order to come up with quality Web applications, then deploy them into the .NET and efficiently provide them to additional users.

"It lets you worry about the app, and not virtual machines or what operating system they're running or all this other stuff," Derek Collison, the project leader said in a statement to Wired.

On the other hand, Tire 3's CTO Jared Wray gave his input on the new offering by saying, "As enterprises accelerate the deployment of their mission-critical applications to the cloud, the need for a .NET-based Cloud Foundry PaaS in the marketplace was acute".