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YouSendIt App now Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Cloud content sharing service YouSendIt has launched new apps for the iPad, Mac as well as Android handsets, alongside the already available iPhone app.

So, what can you do with this app? Well, just about anything that's related to files: send them, share folders and pointer documents, save and share email attachments, photos or video files, and sign documents.

YouSendIt also has a high regard for security. The app allows users to install "passcode locks" so that documents and files will be accessed only by owners of the iOS device. YouSendIt says that the files are encrypted only in transit.

After the iCloud service was launched, many file-sharing services experienced a downfall. After all, iCloud and iWork coexist perfectly. Nevertheless, lately we have witnessed the launch of a number of file-sharing apps - like Syncplicity, Office Drop and Dropbox - who have yet to abandon the fight.

YouSendIt also announced the launch for its new Mac-based app, but the application is still in beta. Get your app for free and you automatically get 2GB of free storage (plus five e-signatures) for individual user accounts. If you want to enjoy more space, you'll have to pay $9.99/month for 50GB for $14.99/month for an unlimited account.

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