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ZeptoLab Launches Cut The Rope Comic Series for iPhone, iPad

Popular mobile game Cut The Rope, which boasts 1.6 million daily users across Android and iOS devices, is to make the transition to a less interactive medium: comic books.

Although the company behind the monster-feeding arcade hit, ZeptoLab, announced plans to create a comic series based on the game back in July, the August launch date came and went with no comic making an appearance - leaving fans wondering if the company had cancelled its release.

Now, TechCrunch reports that the comic is finally making an appearance on Apple's App Store. The first issue will be free, but there's a cost associated for fans: additional titles in the series will cost $2 an issue, a surprisingly high cost for a comic based on a game which costs little more.

Thus far, the company hasn't indicated when the comic will be making its way to Google's App Store for those fans who play the title on the Android platform, rather than Apple's iOS.

With 60 million downloads across both platforms, ZeptoLab's Cut The Rope certainly has reach - but it's far from the biggest hitter in the mobile world: Rovio's rival Angry Birds has smashed 500 million downloads so far. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.