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£66.99 Packard Bell Viseo LCD TFT 20" VGA Monitor

Looking for computer accessory as a Christmas gift that is both cost effective and is usefulness everyday - then look no further as the Packard Bell Viseo LCD TFT Monitor would be an ideal choice this holiday season.

Capable of 1600x900 resolution, the Packard Bell Viseo monitor would provide sharp image quality and would be ideal for use in a home environment or even in an office. With typical contrast ratio of 700:1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1, the monitor provides amazing colours with stark contrasts.

The 5ms response time on the monitor is great for fast moving graphics of games or for movies. The viewable screen area is 20" that is quite apt for day to day usage and appropriate for long hours of work.

The monitor can be used either as a standalone monitor on a desktop PC or can be used as an extension to the existing display for a Laptop or a desktop PC. The connectivity port is VGA.

Packard Bell has ensured that the Viseo LCD monitor is compliant with Energy Star requirements and conserves energy through its energy saving mode. The overall power consumption of the monitor is 30W.

The Packard Bell Viseo LCD TFT 20" VGA Monitor is available from eBuyer for £66.99.