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Apple Releases Fix for Bug Blocking iOS 3.1.3 Users from App Store

Apple has released a fix for the App Store bug that was preventing iOS 3.1.3 users to download new apps from the platform, as reported by SlashGear.

Recently, iPhone and iPod Touch users running on the older iOS 3.1.3 platform informed the company they had been blocked from using the App Store.

Users stated they were not able to download new apps, both free and paid, rate applications, view screenshots and use the ‘tell a friend' option. The bug, however, did not prevent them from updating their existing applications.

Apple released an update to fix the issue, but failed to provide a reason behind the bug. Its exact causes are unknown, but users started reporting the issue after another update released on December 16.

The company rushed to deal with the bug before its self-imposed App Store lock-down takes effect. During the App Store lock-down, which runs for 8 days, users will not be able to access new apps and developers will not be allowed to publish apps. All app charts are frozen so people will only have access to apps available before the lock down started.

This is because Apple employees will be on an a 8-day holiday.