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BiteSMS 6.0 Brings Full iOS 5 Compatibility for iPhone and iPod

The latest version of BiteSMS, a souped-up replacement for your built-in messaging app, has been made available for public download from the Cydia Store.

The popular messaging jailbreak package has been in beta stage for more than a month, but now its developers have released version 6.0, with the 6.1 update following a few days after, meant to fix some bugs.

As promised on the BiteSMS change log, the jailbreak package delivers "iOS 5 compatibility, works on iPhone and iPod devices and it is fully integrated with all iOS 5 features including iMessaging and Notification Center."

BiteSMS 6.0/6.1 also brings improvements to Quick Compose and Quick Reply as well as the ability to use the native Messages icon instead of the BiteSMS one. It is also good to know that the update doesn't need a custom Cydia repository, as it is available in the BigBoss repo.

For those users who bought an earlier version of BiteSMS the new version is free, but for those who have only just got interested in this jailbreak the download price is $8.99. And perhaps the new users also need a little reminder that BiteSMS doesn't work unless they have a jailbroken iOS device.

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