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Cello Sells UK's Cheapest 3D TV For £300

In April 2010, the first 3D Television to go on sale in the UK, the LG 42LX6500, cost £1700.

Now Cello Electronics is selling the cheapest 3D television in the country for a mere £300 including delivery, almost a sixth of the price.

The television set is marginally more expensive than Cello's non 3D TV set, by a mere £50. The C32109DVB 3D comes with an LG 3D passive display panel, a 1366x768 pixel resolution (with a 32-inch diagonal), a 1100:1 contrast ratio, three HDMI and one VGA port, as well as a USB connector, SCART, Composite input and a DVB Tuner.

The device also comes with PVR capabilities which means that you will be able to plug in a 64GB USB stick and record hours of content. Cello is also giving away four sets of 3D glasses; you should be able to buy additional ones from as little as £1 from your nearest pound store.

If you fancy a bigger screen for not that much extra, it might be worth looking at the LG 42PW450T, which is a 42-incher with a 2D to 3D converter, is an active rather than passive 3D set and comes with Freeview HD. The flipside is that there's only one pair of 3D glasses with additional ones costing a whopping £69 each.

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