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Facebook app update arrives on BlackBerry device with ‘Facebook Groups'

Canadian email device maker Research In Motion has released the Facebook BlackBerry PlayBook tablet v2.1 application on the BlackBerry App World, with a much sought after feature - grouping.

The new Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet includes Facebook Groups for the very first time, which was a much requested feature from #TeamBlackBerry - the hashtag used and group of BlackBerry fans on Twitter.

Research In Motion has now incorporated the grouping of items feature inside of their Facebook application, which has been designed to let the user share and interact with groups that he or she is interested within.

Facebook Groups on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet allows the viewing of groups that the device owner is a member of - whilst being able to post updates, photos and videos, along with viewing profiles of group members and send messages, plus get notifications of new group posts and interactions, within those groups.

The RIM Facebook app team has also made some improvements by adding new photos and video buttons to v2.1, along with making the photo tab easy to use for viewing other peoples' videos and photos with uploading too.

Research In Motion is keen on developing the app even further, where the company is open to suggestions by users who can tweet them with the hashtag #TeamBlackBerry