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Facebook Newsfeeds to Carry Sponsored Stories from January 2012

Social networking giant Facebook has confirmed that it plans to start showing advertisements in users' News Feeds from 2012.

The company, which introduced Sponsored Stories early this year, said that it would start to roll out advertisement in News Feed gradually, posting one every day. Facebook said that the ads would carry a label that would let users know that they were sponsored.

Sponsored Stories are basically interactions users' friends have had with a particular brand which encourage them follow the brand on the platform.

"The goal is to do this thoughtfully and slowly. Facebook hopes to show people no more than one Sponsored Story in their News Feeds per day and the story will be clearly labelled." a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to PC Mag.

Facebook also provided a screenshot (below) which showed Sponsored Stories in action. The screenshot showed a Sponsored Stories ad for Ben and Jerry's which appears exactly like a friend's status update.

The ad carries a ‘Sponsored' label, which tells users that "This was already shared with you. A sponsor paid to feature it here" when the Mouse hovers over it.