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Google and Apple Experiment with Reality Based Wearable Technology

Google and Apple are independently developing augmented reality based wearable technology which may include glasses to provide real-time information to wearers, Terminator style.

According to an article on the NY Times, the companies have been secretly developing wearable computing technology that would take and feed information to their Android and iPhone smartphones.

In Google's top secret Google X labs division, a team of engineers is coming up with wearable computing gear that makes the Android smartphone a hub for all the information. Google has reportedly scouted engineers from Nokia Labs, Apple and engineering universities to work on the project.

Meanwhile, Apple is hard at work developing wearable computing technology and has created prototypes based on the concepts developed by engineers. The company is playing with technology that connects the iPhone with users in a more personalised manner.

The wearable device would also be capable of displaying information on Apple devices like the iPod. One of these ideas includes a curved iPod device attached to the wrist; users would be able to communicate with it using Siri.