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Google Music Hosts Huge Sale; $4.99 Albums, $0.49 Single Tracks

Google Music has announced a massive ‘blowout sale,' perhaps with the idea of making the platform more attractive to customers than Apple's iTunes Store.

During the sale, users can purchase half a million top albums from various genres for just $4.99 each. So far the sale has been embraced by music lovers all across the world. And rightly so, because after all the $4.99 per album rate is almost half of what they have to pay through Apple's iTunes Store.

In addition, Google Music also has about 10 million tracks available for only 49 cents per download. This is quite a bargain, especially if looking for a particular song.

"We're proud to offer you over half a million albums for $4.99 and over ten million tracks for 49 cents," the company announced in a post on the Google Music Android Market webstore, TechRadar reports.

"Few things in life are more important than music, and, since we launched the music store in the Android Market a few weeks ago, we've sought to connect you with the tunes you love," it added. This is indeed one music sale no one should miss as there are sure to be plenty of great albums and single tracks to choose from.