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Groupon Goes Against Amazon, Offers $10 Discount on Local Purchase

Groupon is going against Amazon, with the launch of what could be termed as a rather aggressive marketing campaign, urging consumers to make their purchases locally from brick and mortar shops, and not via online portals.

Amazon, which happens to be the world's biggest online retailer, announced earlier that the site would be offering consumers a luscious discount if they used the Amazon price comparing smartphone application in any brick and mortar retail shop.

The one-day discount offer announced by the site was offering its customers up to 5 per cent discounts in three qualifying items they purchase from Amazon.

Retaliating to this, Groupon offered its users this week an even better deal than Amazon. Groupon's discount offer was designed to allow its users to save up to $10 if they made any purchase from the daily deals site in a physical store.

"We think it's unfortunate that there's this meme that people believe they have to make a difficult choice between supporting local businesses and great price," Rich Williams, Groupon's senior vice president of global marketing, stated, Wall Street Journal reports.

"Groupon is further proof that you don't have to make those decisions," he added.