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Intel Creates Smartphone and Tablet Prototypes

Intel is preparing to enter the cut throat competitive smartphone and tablet markets.

The company has provided a sneak peek into its massively anticipated smartphone and tablet duo based on the Medfield platform.

According to the website Technology Review, the new products are indeed highly impressive, which means they could become a threat for Apple and big Android players such as Samsung, Motorola or HTC.

The Technology Review team got the chance to try out the prototypes of these new devices. Both the tablet and smartphone are powered by the Android platform.

The smartphone, which is more or less same the size of the iphone, runs on Android 2.3, more commonly known as GingerBread. The tablet on the other hand, is powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The smartphone, in particular, seems to be a promising one. As mentioned in a report by the Tech Reviewteam, the phone can just not only play Blu Ray quality video, but it also has the ability to stream the same to a TV. Also, thanks to the Medfield chip that Intel blessed the product with, browsing in the phone seems to be pretty smooth.