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Intel Holds 16.9% Share in Worldwide Semiconductor Market for 2011

The year 2011 has proven to be the best so far for Intel - at least in terms of market share.

According to a new report published by research outfit Gartner Inc., Intel made a significant leap in strengthening its foothold in the global semiconductor industry by nailing a record 16.9 percent share of the overall semiconductor sales throughout the world in 2011.

The previous best performance shown by the company in a single year was in 1998 when it managed to capture 16.3 percent share in the worldwide semiconductor market.

It is important to note here that Intel has been at the top in the semiconductor market for the last 20 years.

Intel's record breaking share was not-so-closely followed by Samsung, which managed a 9.7 percent share in the market this year.

"The industry did well in the early part of the year, in many cases entering the year with backlog from an exuberant 2010," said Stephan Ohr, semiconductor research director at Gartner, in a statement, according to a CRN report.