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ITC Judge Delays Ruling in Kodak vs. Apple, RIM Patent Infringment Suit

The US International Trade Commission has delayed ruling on a patent infringement case filed by Eastman Kodak against Apple and Research in Motion.

According to an Associated Press article, an ITC judge has moved the target date for a court ruling on the case to September 21, 2012.

The trade regulator, which has the power to ban sale of products in the United States, was expected to announce its decision before December 30, 2011.

The struggling photography company, which makes camera reels and digital imaging equipment, claimed in the lawsuit that Apple and BlackBerry maker RIM infringed on some of its digital imaging patents in their smartphone devices.

The company, which is in desperate need for cash, is looking to make up more than $1 billion from the damages. Kodak recently told Wall Street analysts that due to its depleting cash reserves the company is looking to raise finances even if it has to sell some of its assets.

"We have received several financing proposals, including from second-lien bondholders, and we have a very active and robust bidding process for the IP (intellectual property) portfolio," said Kodak spokesman, Gerard Meuchner.